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10 Dusty Paint Colors Your Walls Are Begging for

Can I tell you how excited I am to talk to you about some dusty paint colors! Okay, I know, who gets this excited about paint? But let me “paint” a picture for you. (I love corny introductions.)

Fall is approaching, which means the leaves are beginning to turn, pumpkins are making their way into your decor and lattes, and the air is crisp. What does this all mean? New color inspiration for your cozy quarters. This season brings about colors that make us feel warm and hopeful for the months to come.

I’m not one to follow rules when it comes to colors and season. And I’m all about getting down down and dirty with interior color combos. Which is why I love dusty paint colors. They look as if they’ve walked out of Fall’s signature catalog, but are all shades that can be drawn on all year long. Also, dusty paint colors seem to have a classic and vintage appeal that can serve as both neutral and accent colors.

Okay, I’ll stop gabbing about them and let you take a look. Are you inspired to jump into fall just as much as I am?


Dusty Paint Colors feature palette


Dusty pinks are both fun and sophisticated in that they show personality, but aren’t too childlike. The grey undertones of Benjamin Moore’s “Flush Pink” make this shade playfully subtle. This color can be paired with olive and sage green shades, as well as shades of deep grey.


You may be thinking, “grey is already dusty, isn’t it?” Depending on the undertone, grey can create various moods from classic or calm, to glam or edgy. My favorite dusty greys tend to have beige or blue undertones. “French Beige” by Portola Paints is both calming and classic, and invites bold experimentation with other interior elements.


Red may be a little bold for some, but depending on the shade it can actually be a perfect balance between striking and comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of red walls, but when I saw “Book Room Red” by Farrow and ball, I became intrigued with various color pairing possibilities. This shade has muted orange undertones, making it the perfect fall color, but can be paired with shades of deep plum, red wine, and dusty pink.

With pink undertones, “Bricktone” by Benjamin Moore creates a fun and moody space. This shade can be paired with shades of dusty orange, mustard yellow, and deep plum as well.


Dusty purple, or plum as I like to call it can be as calm or as moody as you’d like. This color still presents an aura of royalty, but in a dusty shade, an approachable and inviting space is created. “Burnt Seinna” by Haymes Paint does just that. It also falls perfectly between bright and moody.


There are so many options when searching for dusty paint colors in the family of green! From olive to sage, dusty greens are endless. However, I am quite smitten with “Sage Green” by Little Greene Paint Company, and “Clary Sage” by Sherwin Williams. Both colors are calming and classic, yet yield so much possibility in the fun department.

Either can be paired with blush pinks, navy blues, cognac, and deep grey.


Between green and blue undertones, dusty blues have a playing field of their own. Blue walls create a calm and tranquil atmosphere, therefore they offer many benefits in a space meant for sleep. If powder blue doesn’t quite speak to you, a dusty blue may be your sleep soulmate.

“Inchyra Blue” by Farrow and ball has a green undertone, and is the perfect mix of soothing and edgy. This shade packs lots of style. “Aleutian” by Sherwin Williams has a grey undertone with a classically vintage feel. Shades of brown, sage, and dusty grey would complement a space using this color.


Yes, black paint can come in dusty shades! These tend to lean towards deep cobalt grey, but still deliver the same moody effect. If you’ve always considered painting an area of your home black, but have also been equally hesitant about this, consider a dusty shade. “Lamp Black” by Little Greene Paint Company serves up so much drama without overwhelming the eyes.

I would suggest pairing with deep greens, cognac, and mustard yellow for a crisp and classic design.

Dusty paint colors pack so much punch when it comes to intrigue, style, class, and possibility. They also pair well with moody shades, classic colors or shades within their own family. Whether you’re looking to create a summer oasis or cozy fall hideaway, your options are endless, and you are sure to nail it with either one of the colors above.

The question is, which one? Let me know your favorite shades below!

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