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10 Pink Rooms that Totally Nail Pink

Let’s talk pink. That color that people either shy away from, or immerse every fiber of their colorful being in. Whether you’re trying to make a soft understatement or an overstatement, pink rooms make a bold statement whether pale or hot. Especially when splashed on walls, it stands out as a primary element in a room’s design. Even when used as a neutral to complement fun or vibrant patterns, you still can’t help but to be mesmerized by a pink hue.

Over time, I have grown fond of this vibrant shade, and gained a slow appreciation for its versatility. I must admit, in the past pink was my least favorite color option for absolutely everything. I owned one pink shirt, that barely saw the light of day, and the color appeared nowhere in my home. I’d shoved it off as just “too girly.”

However, when I began considering color palettes for interiors, I discovered how flexible this color is! From pale pink and navy to hot pink and saffron the pairings were enough to make me go wild. In a good way. To put it simply, you can do so much with pink. It can act as a neutral or it can steal the show (though it really commands attention no matter what its function).

If ever there was a super power color, this would be it. Which is why I was so excited to share the various roles its played in some super chic and fun pink rooms, and how it can be used. Browse through for your dose of pink inspiration.


Pale Pink in the bedroom serves up double duty benefits. It is stimulating to the eye, and also (as I like to say) calms the soul. When it comes to the design of a bedroom especially, color psychology can be especially important, and pale pink is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a retreat after a long day. Not to mention, this color represents love and familiarity.



The kitchen is where pink gets to have a little fun. Not traditionally known for hosting this color, pink kitchens naturally break the rules, giving the room an edge. Whether you’re opting for subtle blush walls or bold pink cabinets, this hue definitely makes a statement.




The office may actually be my favorite room to make use of this color. Pink walls have a way of making me feel happy and alive, which I believe encourages creativity. Paired with its calming effects, pink rooms seem to me an unlikely place to invite stress. What do you think?




We’ve all seen the old pink bathrooms with wall and floor tiles to match. Though pink in the bathroom was actually a common design choice, I can’t say its exact design is one most want to emulate today. However, a new spin on the pink bathroom has been embraced. Blush and pale pink bathrooms are now an inviting retreat that have fun mixing the old with the new.


Now, do you believe me about the super power of pink? Its versatility is quite impressive I must say. You have the option to go bold or subtle with this shade, while guaranteeing a statement be made with each option. Also, whether you opt for a traditional or unconventional style, pink has a way of breaking the rules not matter what room it is used in, or function it serves. So have a little fun and splash some pink on those walls.

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